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Spring Detox Tips

Spring is a great time to take some extra steps to helping your body detox! Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. A lot of us like to clean our homes in the Spring but it is also a great time to cleanse our bodies! I love to do a 3 week cleanse every spring and also include some of these simple detox practices below!


1. Start using more herbs and spices that naturally help enhance the metabolism and help the body purge toxins. Plant an herb garden with the kids this weekend!

2. Incorporate more greens into your diet, especially the bitter ones! ! I love Arugula salad in the spring with lemon, avocado and black pepper! Dark greens are loaded with nutrients and help to clean out your blood.

3. Juice organic green veggies like cucumber and celery and kale and low sugar fruits like apples & lemons to nutrient dense cocktail that will help your body detox heavy metals and toxins from the blood!

4. Dry brush before you shower! Make sure to brush toward the heart and circular motions to help the lymphatic system in your body move the toxins out of the body.

5. Begin your day with warm water with lemon to help the liver cleanse the body efficiently!

I hope that these tips help you feel and look your best this spring! If you want support with nutrition and cleansing this spring, email me to get details on my Spring Cleanse and Detox Groups!




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