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Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

Life is short, so make it sweet! If you feel like you can’t enjoy treats and desserts and get fit or be healthy too, I am here to tell you that you can! I enjoy treats regularly and at 41 I am in the best shape of my life! The key is to choose whole food treats that are packed with nutrition!

I encourage my clients to enjoy treats as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle! I never want them to give up their enjoyment with food. I know how hard it can be to “stick to a diet.” But that is not what I teach and is not what we do inside my virtual fit gym! We create a healthy balanced lifestyle around fitness and nutrition!

When we make foods “off limits” we tend to stop enjoying eating and developing binge-behaviors that are not healthy. Instead of saying “I can’t have dessert,” find new whole food ways to enjoy desserts! Each week inside my virtual fitness gym and wellness community, I share new treat recipes & desserts so that my clients can have success!

I am a huge lover of raw vegan desserts because they are made with whole fruits & veggies, natural sweeteners & taste amazing! I started eating & making raw vegan desserts in 2006 when I had a scare with cancer. They allowed me to enjoy sweets while still focusing on my health!

This recipe is from my favorite San Diego restaurant @trilogysanctuary and thier new cookbook Healthy Living Through a Plantbased Diet by Leila Caldera 💕available to buy on their website

Keep life sweet friends,




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