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Meal Prep Tips for Boredom

Tips to Meal Prep like a pro so you can stop eating out of boredom!


1️⃣ MAKE A MEAL PLAN. It sounds so simple but the simple things are easy to skip! Sit down and think about your week and how many meals you need to make to keep you out of the Oreos and crackers! For me, I need to prep lunch and 2 prepped snacks or mini meals.

2️⃣ SCHEDULE IT! Put your meal prep on your calendar so you know when it’s happening! I like to do meal prep on Sundays but You can totally do it on Saturday or another day of the week just as long as you do it! Plan for at least an hour and a half to prep!

3️⃣ SHARE IT! Hold yourself accountable by posting a picture of your meal prep on your Instagram stories or feed! You’ll stay accountable & Inspire others to get prepping too! Accountability & consistency HELPS YOU BUILD the HABIT of meal prep so that you stop skipping it and start making it a weekly thing!

4️⃣ BE MINDFUL OF PORTIONS! Portion out your meals as you go so that you can literally grab your tupperware and open it and eat! This will save you so much time during the week & keep you from mindlessly eating!

5️⃣ POST HEALTHY MEAL OPTIONS ON THE FRIDGE! Save yourself time and brain power by making a MENU of what’s in your fridge! This simple tool will help you “see” what you have and remind you what healthy options you have!

If you need more help with meal prep, join my virtual bootcamp where you get access to my coaching, weekly meal plan and step by step meal prep guides! Email me at and lets talk about it!




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