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How to Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle on the Weekend

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I love the weekend. It is a time for fun, adventures and rest. A lot of people struggle to stick to their healthy habits and goals on the weekend and I used to as well. Over the years, I have found some simple ways to stay on track with my wellness on the weekend and set myself for success during the week. You will love them too.


Our body has an internal process for waking and sleeping called the Circadian Rhythm. It plays an important role in our brain and body connection and our health. If we are not mindful, it can be really easy to throw off our circadian rhythm. Staying up too late binging our favorite Netflix series, scrolling for hours on our phone before bed and getting too much exposure to artificial and blue light, caffeine and stress can all disrupt out circadian rhythm. When this happens, not only do we feel like crap but we can fall off track when it comes to our healthy routine that we worked so hard to create during the week. We can support our bodies natural rhythm and feel our best by sticking to a sleep schedule on the weekends.


The weekends are a great time to exercise! We usually have more time than we do during the week and I like to take advantage of that! A fun way to keep moving during the weekend is to take your workout outdoors! Go for a walk, take a hike, visit a park or explore somewhere new in your city. I have talked about my love for home fitness on the blog and on my Instagram a lot before and that is because it really does make it easier to stick to your fitness routine and stay consistent! I love to take time on the weekends for yoga and a workout outdoors. Studies show that people who move less eat more unhealthy foods, so if you want to stay on track, make sure you keep moving on the weekends.


The last thing you want to do is feel like a failure if your weekend routine doesn't go as planned. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it is important to focus on being healthy rather than being perfect. I used to be obsessed with doing things perfectly when it came to my health. It made me feel safe. When it came to eating healthy, I would only eat healthy and never enjoy treats. When it came to workouts, I would never miss a workout. But with that hyper focus on perfection, I became a slave to my routine instead of my routine supporting me. So I learned to let go. I became more intuitive. I embraced imperfection. I focused on making progress every day instead of being perfect every day. And I became a lot happier.


The single most helpful tip that I can give you is to take time on the weekend to think about what you want to make for meals in the coming week. Nourishing our body is a daily thing. We eat multiple times a day, every day so it makes sense to prioritize thinking about what we are going to eat. It helps to be prepared and the weekend is the perfect time to do it! Meal planning does not have to be a big fancy thing. It can be as simple as making a list of what meals you want to have and then going to the grocery store. I love to go grocery shopping and prep a few of my lunches for the week on Sunday. It helps me feel prepared and nourished as I start a new week. You will love how a good weekend meal plan + prep can help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle!


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