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How To Keep Meal Prep Exciting!

A lot of people say that they get bored eating the same meal prep day in and day out but with a few tweaks and tricks, you can enjoy your meal prep and eat more variety and stay on track with your nutrition!!

1️⃣ Get creative with your favorite food staples!

For example, if you make a ton of chickpeas in your instant pot on Sunday, you can make chickpea tuna for Monday’s lunch, make a chickpea curry for Tuesday’s dinner, chickpea burgers for Wednesday, and homemade hummus for snacks!

2️⃣ Get colorful with your meal prep!!

We are designed to be attracted to color! Use beautiful colorful produce like yellow bell peppers, blue or pink berries, different colors of greens, red tomatoes, orange carrots, purple cabbage and onions!! And carbs can be colorful too! Orange sweet potatoes, yellow corn, purple yams and orange and yellow winter squashes are all colorful carbs you can use to make your meals look for fun!

3️⃣ Try a new recipe every week!

There are so many healthy exciting recipes to choose from! Sometimes you won’t like a vegetable like kale or broccoli until you try it a new way and then you’ll love it! Trying something new each week will keep your meal prep exciting!

4️⃣ Switch up your spices!

Add more flavor and make your meals more exciting by changing the spices you use! You can make those chickpeas taste different for each meal depending on what you use to flavor them!

5️⃣ Grab a new fruit or veggie every time you go shopping!

Studies show that people who eat a variety of fruits and veggies eat more of them overall! Not only is it helpful with keeping your meals exciting but it also helps your gut health! Studies show that having a variety of plant foods in your diet boosts gut health! Try adding a new veggie you don’t usually buy to your grocery list this week!

Try some of these tips and let me know how they help you! Tag me on Instagram @megwellness so I can see your prepped meals and cheer you on!!




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