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How to Help Kids Eat More Veggies

3 SIMPLE TIPS & TRICKS to help your kids & everyone in the family eat more veggies:

1. GREEN SMOOTHIES! Start making green smoothies every day with your kids! Blend greens like spinach romaine & celery with fruit like banana apple pear or pineapple! My boys say that they cannot even taste spinach in smoothies and they love helping me make green smoothies!

2. VEGGIE NOODLES & VEGGIE PIZZA & VEGGIE RICE! Integrate vegetables into what you’re already eating! Popular foods like noodles and pizza are great ways to add in veggies! Cauliflower Pizza Crust instead of a sourdough or wheat crust and Zucchini Noodles along with regular spaghetti noodles! The idea is to take the food and flavors you’re already eating and start using more veggies in your meals! Focus on adding in veggies rather than taking out things your kids love and eat. Try mixing cauliflower & regular rice together and serve as a side dish with a delicious sauce everyone in the family loves!

3. SALAD WITH DINNER! Serve salad with dinner every night! The kids will want to eat what they see you eating so making salad a daily staple at a meal everyone ears together will help them build healthy habits! It is important to start these kinds of healthy habits at an early age so that kids naturally want to eat vegetables.

I hope that these tips help you get your kids eating more veggies!




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