Cleanse Programs

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nourish your body

Nourish and cleanse your body for more energy, clear skin, better digestion and optimal health!  My cleanse programs utilize digestive, alkalizing and restorative supplements and superfoods paired with whole food plant based meal plans and recipes that will leave you feeling amazing.  You can choose from a 3 Day cleanse and 21 Day cleanse.  Both are easy to follow and the recipes are delicious! 

The 3 Day Refresh


This 3 day cleanse is a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, give your digestion a break, get rid of bloating and lose those few extra pounds.  It can also be used in preparation for a big event like a wedding, reunion, holiday party, birthday or anniversary.  I love to do it at the end of a fitness program to help me lean out or after a holiday celebration to help me get back onto a healthy eating routine.  If you contact me upon enrollment, you'll receive my coaching and my exclusive online wellness community.  

What you get:

  • 6 Vanilla Protein Rich Detox Shakes

  • 3 Fiber Tonics

  • a 30 day supply of Vegan Superfood Shakeology 

  • a cleanse manual complete with recipes plus my online wellness community

Click the REFRESH button below to order and make sure to select a VEGAN flavor of Shakeology for best results. 

Investment: $160.00

To order your 3 Day Refresh Refill Kit without a bag of Shakeology CLICK HERE.

The 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse:


If you are ready for a complete nutritional reset, this 3-week program with plant based nutrition and carefully designed detox supplementation is for you.  The supplements help your body enhance absorption and assimilation of nutrients, repair your digestion, detox your body, alkalize your body, reduce any inflammation you may have and shrink fat cells.


 The 3 Phases Of The Ultimate Reset:


Phase 1: RECLAIM

In this phase, you are going to RECLAIM your body and prepare it for detox by preparing it for change.  You will increase your fruit, vegetable, and superfood consumption and eliminate all processed foods.   The herbal supplements that you will take every day in this phase support gentle detoxification and remineralization in the body.

Phase 2: RELEASE

In this phase, you will RELEASE the toxic compounds that are blocking your digestion, internal organs and cells.  You will be following a meal plan that includes alkalizing foods and adopting a whole foods plant based diet.  You will support the liver in its removal of heavy metals and toxins with the herbal supplements designed especially for this week of the cleanse.  




In the final phase of this cleanse, you will RESTORE your metabolism and give your body the nutrition, enzymes and probiotics that it needs to find optimal health now and in the future.


What you get:

  • 6 different detox supplements that will help to alkaline, detox, and mineralize your body and to boost your digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  

  • 30 day supply of Vegan Superfood Shakeology.  

  • Me as your personal coach and my online wellness community (if you contact me upon enrollment)

  • A detailed instruction booklet which breaks down the supplements, provides you with a 21 day detailed meal plan and whole food plant based recipes.  


Click the RESET button below to enroll!  Be sure to select a flavor of VEGAN Shakeology for best results and if you order a bag rather than the packets, you get 6 more servings.


Ultimate Reset Complete Kit

Investment $275.00