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Non-Scale Victories

Celebrating non-scale victory wins along the way on your fitness journey is REALLY important!! Don’t just focus on weight loss, CREATE a lifestyle that supports you mind, body & spirit!! You’ll have more fun, stay more motivated & create long lasting results! Here’s a list of my favorite non-scale victories!

Eating cleaner Sleeping better Clothes fit better More energy Drinking more water Fewer junk food cravings More flexible Hold a yoga pose longer Getting up earlier to workout Lifting heavier weights New found passion for fitness Able to do more Reps Better mood Positive Mindset Lost a few inches Found a new healthy food Meal prepping on weekends

Whatever you can celebrate TODAY, celebrate it! NO WIN IS TOO SMALL IF IT MOTIVATES YOU!! Celebrating the small wins along the way is KEY to reaching your BIG GOALS!

Xo, Meg


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