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Home Fitness Tips and My Morning Routine

I started working out at home after I had my first baby. I could not make it to the yoga studio regularly anymore and as a new mom I needed something short and effective that I could do at home during nap time. If you are worried that you won't like working out at home by yourself, or having the self-discipline to do it, please know that I felt the same way at first!

I did not think that I would get good results and I did not think that I would be able to stick with it. Reluctant to try it, I was desperate so one night while I was up late nursing the baby, I ordered a Beachbody DVD off an infomercial. I was so excited to start so when the DVDs arrived, I jumped right into my first workout and after 3 days I gave up. But that is not the end of the story!

A few years later, right around my sons second birthday, I decided to try home fitness again but this time with a plan and a community! Three months into regular home workouts, I was in LOVE. I was seeing and feeling such amazing results that I decided to start my own virtual fitness group and help other women like me feel good again in their body. I launched my online wellness coaching business in 2015 and never looked back. Home fitness opened a new world for me where I could fit in workouts as a busy mom, stay accountable and connected with other women and feel confident in my body again!

I tell you all this because I want you to know that I KNOW what is is like to feel like "working out at home won't work for me." It didn't work for me the first time and then the second try it did. So I want to share some things that helped me on my journey in hopes that they will help you!

Let's get to the tips!

TIP # 1- Proper Form Matters More than how much you can lift! I have learned so much by working out with super trainers on my fitness app every day! I started my journey not knowing anything about lifting weights or how to actually get physical results from a workout! The best teacher really is experience!

TIP # 2- The number on the scale is not the best indicator of progress made! Progress photos are very powerful tools to keep you motivated and to track progress! My body changed so much over the years and I did not always see a change in the scale but I could see a difference in photos! If I had continued just obsessing about the scale, I would have given up a long time ago.

TIP # 3- Cardio alone doesn’t burn the most fat—weights are essential! I LOVE our HIIT Cardio and Strength Training workouts!! I have had the BEST RESULTS with a variety of workout from the virtual workouts in my FIT GYM but especially with including HIIT CARDIO and WEIGHTS into my routine! Click HERE to check out Beachbody On Demand and look at the variety of workouts we use inside my virtual bootcamp and FIT GYM!

I know that the idea of working out at home can feel overwhelming but I promise you that once you find your ideal time of day, and you make it a routine, you will LOVE IT! I help all of my clients create a morning wellness routine that supports them and then help them schedule their workouts around their busy schedule! I am a fan of waking up early before my kids and getting my workout done by 6am!

Here is a sneak peek into my morning routine:

  • Wake-Up to my iPhone with Bird Sounds at 4:30am

  • Splash my face with water, brush my teeth and get dressed in my workout clothes

  • Write in my gratitude journal and read personal development 4:45am-5:00am

  • Meditate for 10 minutes from 5:00am-5:10am

  • Push play on my workout at 5:15am using the BODi app.

  • Take a sweaty selfie after I finish my workout and log it in our virtual Fit Gym & Wellness Group

  • Make my Superfood Smoothie and start the kids breakfast at 6:00am

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what a morning wellness routine can look like including mindset and fitness! Creating a MORNING ROUTINE has been essential for surviving motherhood and a busy lifestyle with 2 kids and a home-based business! This simple yet powerful routine allows me to support my own mental, physical and emotional wellness while taking care of everyone else!! If you would like to join me inside my virtual FIT GYM & Wellness Group please fill out an application and I will be in touch with you soon with the details!



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