Home Fitness Tips

I have been working out at home consistently for almost 6 years now and in the beginning I did not like it! I ordered a home workout DVD off an infomercial late at night when I was up nursing the baby. I was so excited to start and when the DVDs arrived, I tried doing it and felt distracted and never could finish the 30 minute workout!! I was so frustrated and I gave up after one week. Then I tried again a few years later and this time with a few friends. 3 months into LOVING working out at home I got pregnant with my second baby and decided to start my own virtual fit club and start coaching! 6 years I have gotten the best results with home fitness and have built a successful coaching business while raising my two boys!!! It has been a wild ride that started off with my hating home fitness and I would not have changed anything! I LOVE my virtual community and my home workouts! So because I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT AT HOME WON'T WORK FOR YOU, I wanted to share somethings that I wish I knew when I started my home fitness journey:Fitness is more fun with friends. Having a virtual community really does make a huge difference in having success and enjoying it! Short Workouts can be just as effective as long workouts

  • Proper Form Matters More than how much you can lift! I have learned so much by working out with super trainers on my fitness app every day! I started my journey not knowing anything about lifting weights or how to actually get physical results from a workout! The best teacher really is experience!

  • The number on the scale is not the best indicator of progress made! Progress photos are very powerful tools to keep you motivated and to track progress! My body changed so much over the years and I did not always see a change in the scale but I could see a difference in photos! If I had continued just obsessing about the scale, I would have given up a long time ago.

  • Cardio alone doesn’t burn the most fat—weights are essential! I LOVE our HIIT Cardio and Strength Training workouts!! I have had the BEST RESULTS with a variety of workout from the virtual workouts in my FIT GYM but especially with including HIIT CARDIO and WEIGHTS into my routine! Click HERE to check out Beachbody On Demand and look at the variety of workouts we use inside my virtual bootcamp and FIT GYM!

I know that the idea of working out at home can feel overwhelming but I promise you that once you find your ideal time of day, and you make it a routine, you will LOVE IT! I help all of my clients create a morning wellness routine that supports them and then help them schedule their workouts around their busy schedule! I am a fan of waking up early before my kids and getting my workout done by 6am! Here is a sneak peek into my morning routine:

  • Wake-Up to my iPhone with Bird Sounds at 4:30am

  • Splash my face with water, brush my teeth and get dressed in my workout clothes

  • Make my Pre- Workout

  • Write in my gratitude journal and read personal development 4:45am-5:00am

  • Meditate for 10 minutes from 5:00am-5:10am

  • Push play on my workout at 5:15am

  • Take a sweaty selfie after I finish my workout and log it in our virtual Fit Gym

  • Make my Superfood Smoothie and start the kids breakfast at 6:00am

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what a morning wellness routine can look like including mindset and fitness! Creating a MORNING ROUTINE has been essential for surviving motherhood and a busy lifestyle with 2 kids and a home-based business! This simple yet powerful routine allows me to support my own mental, physical and emotional wellness while taking care of everyone else!! If you would like to join me inside my virtual FIT GYM please fill out an application and I will be in touch with you soon with the details!