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Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

I LOVE to eat ice cream but those calories can add up! A healthier option is "NICE CREAM"! Nice cream is a plant based, healthy version of ice cream where you use frozen fruit instead of milk and sugar! Plus I make mine with a superfood protein powder called Shakeology so it has a ton of health benefits!! In addition to tasting like dessert, it has digestive enzymes, probiotics, greens, adaptogen herbs and protein! And it tastes AMAZING!!

They KEY to really good nice cream is the right ratio of frozen bananas and almond milk. You want to use enough almond milk to blend but not too much! I use 1/8 cup almond milk and sometimes less. It depends how big the bananas are and if you are using a high speed blender!

Chocolate Superfood Nice Cream:

2 large frozen bananas

1/8 cup almond milk & more if needed

1 scoop chocolate vegan superfoods ( I use Vegan Shakeology)

2 tsp peanut butter

Walnuts & cacao nibs for toppings!





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