Meg's Tips for Eating Out and Staying on Track

I'm at the end of my 3 week fitness challenge and wanted to share with you how I stay on track when I eat out!

Meg’s Tips for Eating Out During a Fitness/ Clean Eating Challenge

Tip 1: Water is your best beverage friend! Skip the alcohol and empty calories and stick with sparkling or flat water and ask for fresh fruit on the side so you can spice it up with some flavor! Tip 2: Order your food sautéed, grilled, baked or broiled to avoid any frying, smothering, breading or blackened food! Tip 3: Think LEAN and GREEN when ordering your entrée. Stick to lean protein and vegetables! Tip 4: Just tell the waiter up front NOT to bring any bread baskets. Tip 5: Ask for butter and dressing and sauces ON THE SIDE. Tip 6: Plan ahead and look up the menu online! Check it out in the comfort of your own home with no pressure to decide quickly and decide what the healthy options are.