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NutriFit Fusion Wellness Group

Coaching Community Accountability

It's Time to Glow Up, Show Up and Shine Bright Babe! 


NutriFit Fusion is my private online wellness and accountability group where you can receive group coaching from me daily! It is located in a Facebook Group and on our wellness app.  NutriFit Fusion is a community of women who are committed to living an energized and healthy lifestyle together!  We work on everything from fitness to nutrition and mindset!  

When you join Nutrifit Fusion you get:

  • One year membership to BODi with 2300+ workouts and fitness programs including: HIIT,  Yoga, Strength Training, Running, Pilates, Dance, Barre and more!  The app also has guided mediations, hundreds of recipes, meal plans and LIVE classes.(iOS/Android/PC)

  • LIVE fitness studio where you can be on camera and workout LIVE with our trainers and super trainers. 

  • Two lifestyle nutrition programs: 2B Mindset (mindful nutrition) and Portion Fix (macros made easy) which include over 80 nutrition videos, food lists, recipes, meal plans, PDF program materials and guaranteed results! 

  • My weekly Meal Plans and Recipes (Vegan & Omnivore)

  • One-month free trial of both the pre-workout Energize and the superfoods - Shakeology! 

  • A 1-1 getting started right call with me where we will go over your goals and where I will match you up with your perfect fitness and nutrition program to start your journey.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Total Solution Pack Cost: $219


Ready to join? 

✓ Use the link below to purchase your Total Solution Pack: 

Beachbody On Demand Shakeology Essentials Total-Solution Pack

✓ After you purchase the program, please email me at so I can send you details on how to join my private group & we can schedule a 1-1 call. 

✓ If you're outside the US, please email for a different link

**Please remember this group is to people who are new to Beachbody and are not currently a coach or have a coach. If your coach is no longer active, please email and we'll let you know how you can join us

**You must purchase the Total Solution Pack to get access to my group and coaching. This will ensure that you have everything you need for a total body transformation!  

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