Holistic Nutrition Services

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates


Good nutrition is the key to optimum health.  We have become distracted, rushed, confused, and obsessed with “diets”.  I don’t believe in dieting and I will not put you on a “diet”.  I will help you to make healthier food choices and improve your relationship with food and your body.  The value of nutrition has become lost among the diet books, celebrity gossip, protein obsession and fear of fat and carbs.  If you are confused about what to eat, you are not alone.  Many people struggle with this and I am here to help you figure out the best way to eat healthy food for your personal body and help you create lasting healthy lifestyle habits.  If you want to feel better, you must treat your body with respect in your mind and in your actions.  What you tell yourself and what you choose to eat deeply reflects your current state of health and happiness.  The Wellness Nutritional Assessment is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve their eating habits, knowledge and relationship with food.  


Wellness Nutritional Assessment

 - $100 - 

  • 30 minute pre-assessment of your health forms and concerns

  • 60 minute in person * assessment of your current health and your health goals

  • Personalized nutrition blueprint

  • Nutritional Handouts

  • 1 week personalized meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

  • Recipes

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Follow Up Sessions: $45 per half hour

To sign up for a nutritional assessment, please click HERE.

*If you are not local and would like to work with me, I offer online consultations and meetings using ZOOM.  I also run an online wellness community called NutriFit Fusion that incorporates both nutrition and fitness and helps keep my clients accountable with their goals in an ongoing group setting.  

For more information on signing up for this group, please click HERE.

Still not sure?  Book a 15 minute complimentary phone call with me and LETS TALK about it!