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Annual BODi Membership - $179

Home fitness was the key to my postpartum recovery.  I was able to fit a workout into even the busiest day.  

● 100+ fitness programs for every level, ranging from boot camp to cardio, yoga to pilates, with thousands of workouts to enjoy!

● Access to two proven Eating Plans: Portion Fix Basics and 2B Mindset Basics

● Access to thousands of recipes with new recipes added every month.

● Thousands of workouts to enjoy whenever, wherever

● A personal support system that motivates and inspires

● Instantly stream BODi workouts, anytime, anywhere—from your living room to a hotel room, you can take BODi with you anywhere you go.

● Access hundreds of cycling classes ranging from endurance rides to climbs, to even cycle and strength

Total Solution Pack - $219 USD

A total solution pack is just that; a great way to jump start your fitness and nutrition.  A total solution pack includes one year of BODi and a one month supply of a supplement bundle.  The supplement choices include:

Shakeology: A superfood smoothie powder that includes blends of protein, superfruits, probiotics, adaptogens and phytonutrients

Recover: A post workout BCAA supplement for muscle growth

Energize: A plant based pre-workout with caffeine from green tea, beta alanine and quercitin for a non-jittery energy boost. 

Collagen: A clinically proven anti-aging supplement for joint health and great skin.

Hydrate: A delicious electrolyte mix that will keep you hydrated during your workouts.


Best Seller

20 servings of Shakeology and Energize


30 servings of Shakeology

Monthly BODi and Shakeology Subscription

Still not 100% sure you want to try? This is a one month trial to BODi and a 20 serving bag of Shakeology.  The perfect way to see how great home fitness and superfood nutrition is to improve your health and fitness!

go and glow.webp

A Bundle of Energize, Hydrate and Collagen

performance line.webp

Recover and Energize to rock your workouts

Shakeology Sampler

Not sure which flavor you would like the best?  Order this sampler pack and give each delicious flavor a chance!

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