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What is 645?

645™ is 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day. Make the commitment that changes everything, and you’ll build strength and power without feeling defeated or spent. Inspired by the programs Amoila created for pro athletes, 645 is built around powerful dumbbells-focused resistance training with an emphasis on fundamental moves done right. You’ll also do cardio that will boost your endurance and get you sweating, and mobiliity work that will improve range of motion and your body’s ability to recover. Follow his cues, perfect your form, and bring the intensity for dramatic, noticeable results in 13 weeks.

What makes 645 unique?

■ This is the COMMITMENT that changes everything. Commit to yourself and you will reach your peak in 13 weeks.


■ Total-body RESISTANCE TRAINING, high-energy CARDIO, and restorative MOBILITY workouts.


■ Training that RESPECTS the body so you feel energized and strong, not defeated or spent.


■ NEXT-LEVEL COACHING CUES that put you in the peak performance zone and make it easy to do the moves the right way every time so you get the best possible results from every workout.


■ 10-minute ACTIVE WARM-UP that’s more than basic stretches to get your muscles ready for the work to come.


■ POWER LOOPS—the next generation of resistance bands, that will help sculpt, tighten, and tone your body

Sample Workout